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Web Design & Application Development
Our Developers have over 10 years in designing, developing and maintaining web sites and web applications and more than 2,000 projects completed for our customers, ranging from small business, startup, Fortune 500 companies. We can Design in HTML5, Ruby Rails, C#, VB.NET, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript! GBC Qatar is dependable and reliable; we can deliver any complex project on time and on budget.
Our Developers have strong experience building web application products in HTML 5 and related framework in an agile delivery.
Ruby on Rails
GBC Qatar Ruby Developers can design and develop core applications, in a (SaaS) environment. Also we can implement and build APIs based on the product backlog.
Microsoft .Net
GBC Qatar Developers have a strong understanding in object-oriented design, creating and testing software using Visual Studio 2012, also developing web forms, WCF / Web Services, MVC, C#.
Project Production
GBC Qatar Project is characterized by complex sets of activities that must be performed in a particular order within the given period and within the estimated budget. Our output of a project is a product; such products are generally characterized by immobility during transformation.

  • Each Project has a definite beginning and a definite end.
  • Every Project has a limited duration, our staff starts spending more time preparing for the next project.
  • High cost overruns: Often delays take place in the completion of the projects. Our delays are very minor due to escalation in the cost of factors of production and incident of penalties.
Process and Phases

Geek Cranium Project Manager and Lead with Brain Storm with you to bring your project to life. Brainstorming should address any specific question you have about the project. After collaboration is done, we will have a clear understanding of what needs to happen on the project.


After getting all the materials on the project, we can start designing your project. Geek Cranium also stay within buget on any project.


The next step is development, our engineers and developers will take our time to develop your project, also me we sure it’s develop right the first time with no bugs and no flaws!


Geek Cranium Engineer or Developer will Deploy deploy your project, also maintain it on a physical or virtual environment.